HARLINGEN, Texas (ValleyCentral) — We can guarantee no rosca de reyes in the Rio Grande Valley even came close to a recent attempt at the Guinness Book of World Records.

A university in Mexico earned its place in the record books on Jan. 6 when the Universidad Vizcaya Mexicali in Baja California put together what just may be the longest bread line in the world–composed of freshly baked rosca de reyes, or three kings cake.

Although the school is celebrating the victory, the attempt has not yet been posted to the Guinness Book of World Records’ website. The records team can take weeks to review and certify attempts, according to the record-breaking authority’s website. ValleyCentral has reached out to Guinness Book of World Records officials to verify the attempt but has not yet received a confirmation from the record authority.

Rosca de reyes is a traditional sweet bread baked to celebrate the El Dia de Los Reyes every Jan. 6. 

According to the school, hundreds of students worked 96 hours straight and used five tons of flour, more than 26,000 eggs and 528 gallons of milk to bake the roscas, which ultimately measured slightly longer than 2.51 miles (more than 4 kilometers). The baked confections were placed end to end atop folding tables that stretched and curved along the entire distance.

The students placed 31,000 miniature figurines of the baby Jesus in the roscas, which were complete with dried fruits and sugar coatings on top each pan dulce.

“We did it,” the school posted online. “Congratulations on this great achievement, we are very proud.”

In total, 14,360 pieces of pan were needed to create the record feat, the school stated.

The current published record holder for world’s longest line of bread is also from Mexico.

“The longest line of breads consisted of 7,370 breads [was] achieved by Tizimín and Cámara de Comercio de Tizimín (both Mexico) in Yucatán, Mexico, on 6 January 2020,” the Guinness Book of World Records stated online. “The line of breads measured 3,009.65 m (9,874 ft 2.15 in). The event involved the participation of four local bakeries: La Mejor, La Reforma, La Amistad and El ángel de oro. The main ingredients used to prepare the breads were flour (2,600 kg), eggs (12,500 units) and milk (625 litres).”

The world record for the largest individual king cake belongs to the United States.

“The largest king cake weighed 1,847.68 kg (4,073 lb 7.12 oz) and was baked by Haydel’s Bakery (USA) at the Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA, on 22 September 2010,” according to the Guinness Book of World Records. “The cake measured 805.58 m (2,643 ft 0.01 in) and completely circled the Superdome.”