More El Pasoans taking license to carry courses


EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Following the August 3 shooting, El Paso License To Carry located in the Upper Valley says they saw an increase in people coming to receive their license to carry.

“Most of these people are first-time shooters they are brand new to handguns. They may have had a gun at home for a while but they really never trained with it and now their sort of realizing yeah we need to have some skills that we’re able to protect ourselves,” said Ben Cheng a Texas State Certified License to Carry Instructor.

The license to carry course consists of six hours of classroom time, a written exam and a shooting proficiency test.

“There is a specific course of fire that you have to fire. All the way from the 3-yard line, 7 and all the way to the 15-yard line,” said Cheng.

Although there are requirements some El Pasoans are not comfortable with the idea.

“I really would rather not carry a gun just because of the misuse of it. I mean of course, you’d be trained and everything but I just don’t like the fact of having to carry a gun or anything like that.”,” said Damaris Luna an El Pasoans.

Meanwhile being certified to carry a weapon makes others feel safe.

“It’s given me peace of mind when I’m in a crowded area that’s a quote on quote a soft target that if I needed to I could defend myself,” said William Wingfield an El Pasoan.

El Paso License to Carry says if you get your license to carry it is important to check the laws for any state you plan to travel to because they can be varied.

El Paso License to carry advises anyone planning to take a concealed to carry course to make sure you have experienced handling firearms or take a training class. El Paso License to Carry says one of the biggest misconceptions is that a license to carry class will teach you how to shoot but it is just a test.

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