EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — Montwood High School students were released early this Friday afternoon, Aug. 11, after the school received a bomb threat earlier in the day, according to Socorro ISD spokesperson Daniel Escobar.

El Paso Fire says two students were transported to a local hospital with minor heat-related injuries and seven people were checked at the scene.

A high school senior says they were evacuated around noon and some students were outside for about two hours.

“Like almost noon and it’s been pretty hot recently. So, I would say it was pretty bad and I wear jeans today, so it’s pretty bad. I was drenched in sweat. It was really hot today,” said Montwood High School senior Javier Sanchez.

A freshman recalled the moment students were told to evacuate the building.

“We were just in the third period and out of nowhere they just told us to evacuate the building and leave all our stuff there,” Angel Acero said. “They told us to go to the football field and when we saw cafeteria ladies, teachers and administration actually going out that’s when we realized that it was actually serious.”

Students were initially evacuated late Friday morning and a full sweep was conducted throughout the campus to ensure there was no active threat, according to the district spokesperson.

The spokesperson said the district did not have a comment at this time regarding the students being sent to the hospital for heat-related injuries.