Wounded warriors awarded in Army Trials


This whole week at Fort Bliss, active soldiers and veterans went for the gold in the 2019 Army Trials while learning new ways to face adversity.

The wounded warriors were honored for their outstanding performances in sports such as archery and wheelchair rugby. 

Each athlete has a unique story of their own. For example, retired U.S. Army Staff Sergeant Matthew Lammers is a two-time Purple Heart recipient and lost three limbs while serving in the Army. 

“I still feel like I’m a part of the team and I can still hopefully give back something,” Lambers said.

Despite his own hardships, Lambers was called several times to receive gold medals for competitions he uses to take on life. “Swimming is my therapy. It’s my release,” Lambers said.

Aside from the recognition, Lambers is also rewarded by passing on his knowledge.

 “I get to see these freshly injured soldiers and I get to talk with them and share experiences with them. I’ve kind of learned firsthand. I don’t claim I know all the answers but I do know what not to do,” he said.

“The limb loss is easy to see. It’s the mental health awareness of people they don’t see. I didn’t see it for the longest time,” Lambers said. 

40 of the athletes will head to the Warrior Games.

Retired Staff Sergeant Lambers says he’s planning on swimming the Hudson River in New York this summer. 

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