President’s Donald Trump’s decision Wednesday to ban transgender people from the military is sparking protests across the country, from San Francisco to a rally Wednesday night New York. Protestors chanted, “Rise up… Resist!” as hundreds of crowds descended on the U.S. Army recruiting station in Times Square and listened to speakers who denounced the ban.

Wednesday’s protests all started with a series of tweets from President Trump, but the decision to reinstate the ban on transgenders in the military not only shocked the LGBTQ community.It reportedly even caught the heads of the four military branches off guard.

Fort Bliss issued a statement regarding the reinstated ban reading:

“The First Armored Division and Fort Bliss implements the personnel policies issues by the Department of Defense, the Department of the Army, and our higher headquarters. We have not received today any changes in personnel policy about transgender military personnel.”

Wednesday, NewsChannel9 went to the borderland rainbow center that serves the LGBTQ community, where one a gay veteran who served in the army for 14 years, Taz Tassin told us:
 “You do your job and you know your job and you have your battle buddy with you. Being trans has nothing to do with it.”

Tassin tells us he served along side trans soliders during his time in the Army.