Fort Bliss encourages soldiers to use recycling app


Going green isn’t always black or white. 

The recycling program at Fort Bliss is similar to the City of El Paso’s where they have different bins for waste.

They are now encouraging soldiers to use the Fort Bliss Recycling App, which is only the second military installation to release the app created by Recollect.

“When you think recycling, you think of the blue bin which is for paper, aluminum, tin, cardboard and cardboard. We were seeing a trend where we were getting a lot of phone calls from soldiers to dispose of wood, oil and antifreeze,” Data Analysist Claudia Delgado said.

The app features the “Waste Wizard” where one can type any item in and the app will recommend where and how to dispose of it.

“Soldiers are walking around with a cell phone. They are not walking around with a recycle poster or recycle pamphlet. They have to choose between trash and recycling,” Project Manager Terri Smythe said.

She tells KTSM they want soldiers and families to embrace the app.

 “Soldiers are here to get ready for their training. We have to help them and support them because it is required. They are mandated to recycle,” Smythe said.

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