El Paso veterans encouraged to attend Veteran Town Hall


Veterans in the Borderland are being asked to attend the ‘System Worth Saving Town Hall’ on Monday to voice their opinions on the local department of Veterans Affairs.

The meeting is being held by the National American Legion which advocates for veteran care.

One of the officers for one of the local American Legion chapters, Renny Keagle uses the local V.A. for most of his healthcare. He says he’s ready to voice his concerns.

“A lot of big problems is that a lot of times it’s trying to connect what your illness is and what’s wrong with you to your service,” he said. “That’s where the major disputes and issues come in my feelings between veterans and the VA.”

The American Legion travels the country to hold these events which is why veterans in the Borderland are ready to take advantage of the opportunity.

“We need to make sure the VA is doing exactly what it’s been charted to do by Congress taking care of veterans that deserve that care and earned that care,” said David Crozier, 16th District Commander American Legion.

Crozier encourages any retired soldier to attend the town hall and speak their mind on their experiences with the Veterans Affairs.

“This is your VA. It’s your healthcare, get involved and let them know what the issues are,” he said.

The ‘System Worth Saving Town Hall’ starts at 7 p.m. taking place at American Legion 58 located at 4724 Vulcan Avenue. 

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