ANTHONY, Texas (KTSM)- Samantha Romero, a U.S Army sergeant surprised her children, after 9 months of being away, running a medical clinic for Afghan refugees in Qatar.

Sgt. Romero arrived at Anthony Middle School Monday afternoon to reunite with her two kids after almost a year of being away from them. “I was nervous seeing how they would react and being able to give them a hug in what feels like forever,” Sgt. Romero said.

Aiden was the first one to be surprised by her mom walking up behind him during math class and tapping him on the shoulder. “It took me a second to realize who it was,” Aiden said.

After their beautiful reunion, it was Dylan’s turn to see his mom again. His teacher told the students to turn their attention to the door since they had a very special guest that day before Sgt. Romero walked through the door and went straight to hug his son.

Interview with Dylan, Sgt. Romero, and Aiden (left to right). Video by Anthony Independent District.

Both Aiden and Dylan knew their mom would be back in February, but they didn’t expect she would walk into their classrooms just one day before Dylan’s 13th birthday.

“This is the second time the boys experienced having their mother deployed, but the first deployment happened when they were too young to remember,” Sgt. Romero stated.