EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — Tents could be seen on W. Overland Avenue next to the Greyhound bus station. Migrants sleeping on the sidewalk throughout the day — some hoping to catch a bus, others waiting for family members.

One woman arrived at the bus station before the rest of her family.

“I was waiting for my nephew, sister and husband. Since I got here, I didn’t know if I was going to see them again. I was the first one released and I didn’t know if I was going to get any information about them and I didn’t have any communication with them,” said Lizandra Diaz from Venezuela who was reunited with her husband on Monday night and with her sister and nephew on Tuesday afternoon.

All of them hope to take a bus together to New York. Her husband said the night before, during heavy rain in El Paso, they were able to sleep inside a building. That was a forty-minute walk away from the bus station.

 “For one night so we wouldn’t be wandering in the streets, and they gave us help by giving us a blanket to put on the floor so we could sleep,” said Yino Mujica, Diaz’s husband.

Another woman who was released from immigration on Monday is sleeping in a tent on the sidewalk next to the bus station.

“We came over here because my daughter was over here, so they dropped me off here but when I got here not all of my family was here,” said Jeanmine Martinez from Venezuela.

Martinez said she was offered shelter overnight but was afraid to leave as she waits for another family member to be released from custody.

Another man from Venezuela says he has been staying on the sidewalk next to the station for four days. He said people have come to offer shelter for some but that women go first.

“Women and children, not men, because we are strong. So the priority is given to women with kids but they have come and told us but it’s mostly for women and pregnant women,” said Yojan Rodriguez.

Rodriguez is waiting for a bus to Miami and is planning to stay in Downtown until he can get one.

As we’ve reported, the City of El Paso approved $2 million to bus migrants out of El Paso. City officials say that money will be reimbursable through FEMA.

The City of El Paso told KTSM 9 News they are currently awaiting reimbursement from FEMA of just over $300,000. However, the city says that reimbursement does not include any expensive from July 1st to the present as that quarter closes at the the end of September.

“We are asking the federal government to review reimbursement options. We’re asking the federal government to consider monthly reimbursements instead of quarterly,” Laura Cruz-Acosta, a spokesperson for the City of El Paso in an email to KTSM.

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