EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – A group of about 30 migrants were seen along Loop 375 and then in the neighborhood around the El Paso Coliseum and vacant Burleson Elementary School at about 11 a.m. Saturday morning in South-Central El Paso, according to a KTSM News crew.

Border Patrol officials confirmed that “agents are there intercepting migrants and staging them at a safe location, awaiting transportation to one of our processing centers.”

No information was provided about how many migrants were detained or apprehended in this specific incident. These sorts of incidents have become commonplace in El Paso since December 2022.

Border Patrol did provide a statement about the activity they are seeing in the days leading up to the expected end of Title 42, which is a pandemic-era health order that has been used to expel migrants.

Title 42 is expected to expire on Thursday, May 11.

“The El Paso Sector is currently seeing an increased number of migrants evading arrest in the El Paso proper area,” according to statement sent out by the Border Patrol.

“Therefore, agents are focusing efforts on those migrants evading arrest before fleeing into the residential areas near the border.  We are utilizing additional resources to intercept this migrants that are evading arrest and getting them out of the Border Highway where they are posing a risk and danger to themselves, the community and the drivers traveling the Border Highway,” the statement continued.

According to the Border Patrol here in El Paso, the El Paso Sector, which also includes the border between New Mexico and Mexico, is currently leading the nation with over 265,000 migrant encounters in Fiscal Year 2023.

Since April 1, the El Paso Sector has averaged almost 1,400 migrant encounters a day, “and at our peak, we have averaged over 2,500 migrant encounters early this FY2023,” according to the statement they sent out.

“As the migrant influx continues, it is not uncommon for migrants to congregate in an area while awaiting transportation for processing. As the temperatures rise, migrants are also proactively creating temporary shelters to provide some type of relieve from the sun and the elements,” the Border Patrol said.

Around El Paso, migrants have been camped out at Sacred Heart Church in South El Paso and shelters have been reporting that they are already at capacity, days ahead of Title 42’s expected expiration.