MIDLAND, Texas (KMID/KPEJ)- A Midland woman was arrested last weekend after police said she injured a child in her care. Alexandra Cano, 28, has been charged with one count of Injury to a Child. 

According to an affidavit, on July 20, the little boy’s mother contacted the Midland Police Department and stated her three-year-old child had been injured by a daycare worker. The woman said her son said his teacher, identified as Cano, was angry with him because he didn’t want to pick up his toys. The boy said Cano pinched his ear, twisted it, and tried to lift him up by his earlobe. Photos of the boy’s ear showed serious bruising and detectives said it would take “severe trauma” to bruise an earlobe in that way. 

The child was taken to the Child Advocacy Center for an interview where he accused the daycare worker of pinching him about 40 times. The boy said the worker didn’t pinch any other child, he also admitted she had never hurt him in the past. 

Detectives then spoke with the director of Animal Kracker Child Development Center- the director said she knew about the accusations because she had been contacted by Child Protective Services, but she said she had never had any problems with Cano in the past. Investigators then asked to see security footage from the day in question, but the director said the cameras were not working that day and had not yet been repaired.

On July 28, detectives met with Cano who denied hurting the little boy. She did admit that there had been a behavior issue with the child because he didn’t want to clean up his toys, but she claimed she never pinched him. She said the child was lying. 

Detectives then submitted the evidence they collected to the District Attorney for review and a warrant was later issued for Cano’s arrest. She was taken into custody on August 6 and was later released on an unknown bond.