FRISCO (KFDX/KJTL) — As quarterbacks like to say, each interception has its own story. According to Silver Star Insider Mickey Spagnola, Dak Prescott has played better than he did last season.

While the interceptions last season created significant errors, with several poor routes being run and multiple dropped or tipped balls, Spagnola said these interceptions were not all due to Prescott.

After Prescott returned to the team from his injury last season, the Cowboys averaged 35 points per game for the next 10 games. This was an anomaly, Spagnola said, as the quarterback typically plays at a high level.

While the loss to San Francisco in the playoffs last year likely overshadowed many of the good things the team did during the regular season, Spagnola said he hopes that things get cleaned up this season with more of a veteran wide-receiving group.