EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) The peso is currently stronger, taking 16.90 pesos to get a dollar and 17.90 pesos to exchange dollars for pesos.

The stronger peso means it will cost more for Americans traveling to Mexico.

“It makes it hard for Americans who travel as tourists to Mexico to visit Cancun or any of these other places because the peso is strong. The dollar is weaker and now it cost more money for them,” said Tanny Berg, the founder of the Central Business Association of El Paso.

Berg says it not only impacts Americans traveling to Mexico but also imports into the country.

“Every day as the peso was stronger, it’s costing more to get American goods, and not just American in goods, goods from all over the world into Mexico,” said Berg.

People in Juarez says more people are going to the U.S. to shop with the stronger peso.

“It’s affecting us because people are going to the U.S. to buy stuff instead of buying them in Mexico,” said a woman in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico.

However, it’s still unclear if El Paso will see a boom in business from Mexican shoppers.

“We just don’t know. The jury’s out. The reality is that the strong peso is relatively new. It only happened over the last 12 to 24 months. We are seeing some effects in the sense that Mexicans are staying in Mexico with the imports that they can have,” said Berg.