Waco, TX (FOX 44) — Friday marks one year after police say a man shot and killed five people in McGregor, two of whom were students at McGregor High.

To commemorate the lives of two victims, Lori and Natalie Aviles, the community held a memorial service at Bethlehem Christian Church.

It’s still a shocking reality for the Aviles family knowing this tragedy happened in McGregor.

365 days later gathering to remember Lori and Natalie, the family say’s they’re holding strong.

“Lori was just a strong woman of God. She was fierce. She was straightforward. She was a leader. She was kind. Natalie was the actual twin of Laurie, but younger,” said Lori’s sister Olivia Aviles.

Olivia says they’ve been holding onto God in this time and the McGregor community supporting them.

“They came in with words, they came in with meals, they came in with prayers. They came. They’re still backing up my nephew’s who are still in school,” said Aviles.

Lori’s son Zion is now a senior at McGregor High School.

Lori’s other son, Ezra, is now at Champions Barber School.

Two things the Aviles family wants everyone to remember about Lori and Natalie is unity and love.

“No matter who you were, no matter what you did, they always showed their love, which was the love that God shined through them, and that’s one of the best things,” said Aviles. “They helped out in the community. They were involved. They were there for others.”

McGregor city leaders said in the worst times they do their best to help others.

Looking forward the Aviles family is ready to receive justice.

“We know that the City of Waco, the State of Texas, is going to have justice. We know we’re going to have justice. This is definitely going to close on a good end. We’re going to get justice not only for our family but for the other family too,” said Aviles.