Margo Responds to Recall Effort Against Him

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El Pasoan Zach Gonzalez tells KTSM the Mayor has broken his campaign promise to hold the line on taxes, along with accusing him of using his personal email to conduct city business, something the Mayor said was “inadvertent.”

“It’s upset El Pasoans on all sides of the mountain because some of these amenities that they’re trying to implement are for one side and not the other. It’s not an equal share or division of funds,” Gonzalez shared.

Margo says past city councils didn’t budget city projects and commitments appropriately. 

“We have a contractual obligations with police and fire contracts. We have infrastructure needs, not just streets and roads but we had to go buy police vehicles. We’re trying to be efficient, find savings, shake it out where we can and I think they’re doing a darn good job at it  given our challenges and where we are,” Mayor Margo said.

Gonzalez says he feels the Mayor is just making excuses. 

“It’s a revolution of what’s going on right now and we need to take the city back and take El Paso back as El Pasoans,” Gonzalez shared. 

Here is Mayor Dee Margo’s statement:

My office has always been available to address concerns from constituents and it is unfortunate Zach Gonzalez has never taken advantage of this opportunity. My goal has always been, and still is, to keep taxes as low as possible. However, it is our responsibility as elected officials to ensure our first responders have the necessary equipment to keep all El Pasoans safe, and that we address our infrastructure needs – streets and roads. City Council has not raised taxes and will continue to have public budget hearings until a final vote takes place on August 21.

Original story:

KTSM the first to tell you two months ago of the push to recall El Paso Mayor Dee Margo. Now, a local group is moving forward with the recall movement.

The Battle for El Paso Facebook page details the recall effort and features a copy of the recall petition filed with the City’s Clerk’s office.

The group is now organizing events to gather the required signatures to have the mayor removed from office. Organizers said Margo’s use of certificates of obligation amount to another tax on you which you did not get to vote on. The effort also cites the City’s effort to impose a utility sales tax as another tax not approved by you, the voter.

The group is planning an event Saturday at The 300 off Dyer Street in Northeast El Paso to collect more signatures. Count on KTSM to be there and to continue covering this story we were first to break in June.

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