LAS VEGAS (KLAS)– One man was awarded free Subway sandwiches for life after getting a large Subway tattoo during a promotion.

Lines out the door were seen at Bad Apple Tattoo on Wednesday as people waited to get Subway tattoos. Subway was on site promoting the new Subways series, with 12 new sandwiches and a chance to win a lifetime of free subs.

James Kunz came all the way from Colorado to be first in line to get a footlong tattoo. “I have been thrilled to have made it this far and to actually get the big tattoo,” said Kunz. He arrived on Monday and waited outside of Bad Apple for three days to get his first tattoo.

In all, 8 people received 3-inch by 3-inch tattoos, winning free subs for one year, while Kunz, the grand prize winner, will get sandwiches for life, awarded as $50,000 worth of gift cards.