EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — An El Paso motorcycle group is sharing how they take safety precautions and measures when riding.

This comes after a crash in South El Paso killed a couple earlier this week.

Yvonne Ramirez, road captain of One MC, told KTSM the group’s biggest worry is safety while being out on the road. Ramirez being the club’s road captain, she said it’s her job to watch for road traffic.

Ramirez said their group does the following to stay safe:

  • Obeys the speed limit
  • Keeps a safe distance
  • Keeps an eye out
  • Stays in a tight pack that way no other cars get in the way to put the motorcyclist in danger

“When you’re on a motorcycle, it’s very different to being in a vehicle…It’s very easy to be overlooked by vehicles but in a group, it’s a lot easier to maneuver in traffic just because it’s such a big group… We like to say, ‘The louder the pipes the safer,’ just because they hear us coming. ” Ramirez said.

Ramirez said before getting on a bike you should make sure it is working properly, things like signal lights, breaks, air pressure, etc.

“All of that is very important before we take off, the gas, of course, any issue.” Ramirez, said.