EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — Longtime City of El Paso employee and City Hall staff member Miriam “Judy” Gutierrez has announced her candidacy for City Council District 2.

Gutierrez joins El Paso attorney Veronica Carbajal and El Paso Independent School District Trustee Josh Acevedo who are both running in District 2.

Incumbent Alexsandra Annello announced she is running for Texas House District 77.

The City of El Paso has scheduled a special election for Dec. 9 to fill Annello’s spot on the City Council. Annello will stay onboard until her successor is sworn in.

Gutierrez has come close to winning elective office twice — losing in a runoff to Annello in District 2 in 2020 and to County Commissioner David Stout in County Precinct 2, also in a runoff in 2022.

“Our City Council has become increasingly fractured, leading to years of misallocated taxpayer money and resources,” Gutierrez said in a news release announcing her candidacy.

Gutierrez said her platform will emphasize public safety.

“She holds a firm belief that our men and women in uniform deserve unwavering support. Additionally, she is committed to ensuring taxpayer funds are effectively utilized for essential community assets – from parks and streets to broader quality-of-life enhancements,” according to her announcement.