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Former UTEP player recalls time with Eagles

EL PASO, Texas - Lou James played for the Miners during the 1960's before being drafted ot the Philadelphia Eagles.

On Sunday, James and his family told KTSM it would be a dream come true if the Eagles were to win the Super Bowl.

When asked about being drafted to the team, he said, "You know, being form El Paso and going to a big city like Philadelphia, it's kind of scary but I realized I had played against a lot of those guys in college."  

James also said, "Philadelphia has the best fans in the world and I think it will be a great thing for the city of brotherly love for the Eagles to fly and soar again." 

Also cheering for the Eagles was James' wife, Norma.

She said,  "When I met him and started dating him, I became a football fan. I really was a fan. I was a cheerleader…in the stands."  

Looking back at some of his memorabilia, James said he still keeps in contact with some of the Eagles players.

James added, "I think they'll have a great time in Philadelphia. Wish I could be up there "


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