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Fire station helping raise money for fellow firefighter battling cancer

El Paso, TX - A local fire station is showing support for a NAVY veteran and El Paso Fire lieutenant battling cancer. 

The firefighters at Station 24 off Lomaland are fast to respond when there's a call for help. Now they're hoping the public will help them. When on the job Lieutenant Rafa Rodriguez takes the passenger seat of ladder 24.

"He's in charge of everything. He's in charge of us, the scene, the rig," said Raymond Serrano, a firefighter and paramedic 

Lieutenant Rodriguez is now getting expensive treatments done after being diagnosed with bone cancer.

"And so that really took a toll. It was more aggressive therapy, chemo therapy, radiation along with it. It rendered him unable to work," said Maximo Gonzalez, a fellow firefighter.

He's an amazing firefighter, mentor, and hero.

"Somebody that I looked up to. He taught me all the ropes," said fellow firefighter Alex Zuniga. "He's a very good person. Always motivating us, always taking care of us," said fellow firefighter Sergio Gonzalez.

Now that Lieutenant Rodriquez is not working, his medical bills are stacking up. Station 24 set up a go fund me page to help him out.

"It's been an incredible response. The community is coming out, helping. Showing love for the lieutenant,"said Sergio Gonzalez. "We're going to continue to do as much as we can for him because he's always been there for us," said Serrano.

The firemen want the lieutenant to know they can't wait to have him back working alongside them.

"It's sad that we don't have him here at the station. It feels like something is missing," said Zuniga. "We're going to do whatever we can to get you back on the truck. Because I'm tired of doing your job for you. Keep your head up and we're hear for you brother," said Maximo Gonzalez.

The firefighters are working on setting up fundraisers to continue showing him support. Visit the go fund me page to donate.

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