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El Paso voters weigh in on O'Rourke call for Spanish debates against Cruz

EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) - Senate Candidate Congressman Beto O'Rourke is requesting six regular debates against incumbent Senator Ted Cruz this election season, and two debates in Spanish.

Our media partners at the Texas Tribune report, the request was made by O'Rourke's campaign manager to top staff at the Cruz campaign last week.

KTSM asked some El Paso voters their thoughts on the idea of having a couple debates in Spanish.

"A lot of people here only speak Spanish but at the same time they still form a big part of the community," Joseph Glade said.

"I heard a lot of people talking about how they feel not that informed of what's happening and [for] a lot of people it's because they don't know where to find all of this information and if they do they do not have the resources to actually understand," explained Veronica Contreras.

"A lot of people speak Spanish in Texas and should have the ability to hear the candidates in their own language," Adam Walke expressed.

Most of the people we spoke to say they believe having the six regular debates would be good for voters and both candidates.

But as far as Spanish debates, that will likely not become a reality. The Texas Tribune reports that Cruz told reporters after a campaign event in San Antonio Tuesday his Spanish skills "remains lousy."

Cruz has a firm record as a debater, arguing before the Supreme Court nine times. Voters we spoke to though said they believe the election and any debates could go either way.

"In a debate I believe people more want to see what you believe and what you want to do as a potential leader. I think being a good debater helps, but is not a for sure win," Joseph Glade said.

While everyone we spoke to in person says they are for Spanish debates, several people have weighed in on our social media platforms voicing their opinions against the idea.

Cruz's campaign has not yet publicly agreed to any number of debates but both candidates have expressed they are eager for debating each other. 

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