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El Paso artists are hitting the road for Krystall Poppin's tour

El Paso, TX (KTSM) - Three El Paso Artists are going the extra mile. Taking their next journey on the road in an RV they remodeled as their own built-in studio called the Honey Whip.

“This is definitely my first time doing anything like this. Actually embarking on a tour inside a vehicle this is my first time, and that's why I'm very excited for it," Hip-Hop artist Krystall Poppin tells KTSM.

For the next year, Krystall Poppin and her team will be representing El Paso on tour to 26 cities across the nation.

"We're working on music and being creative but it's also her tour essentially so we're going around the country and we're definitely investing time in her music," Manager and Producer DS Junior said.

Documenting their moments while creating art, this creative team is feeling prepared for life on the road.

"The three of us living in this RV full time... Us spending every single day together is going to help us create something that wouldn't of been created otherwise," Videographer Hiram Santoy shared.

Not forgetting where they come from, and reaching their fullest potential.

“We have grown inside the heart of El Paso. We just want to be the best people we can be and show the world that this is a great place and a very beautiful city to come from," Poppin said.

Weekly Vlogs of the Honey Whip’s adventure will be shared with fans through YouTube.

"We're definitely going to take you along with us. We're going to show you the good, the bad, the beautiful and the ugly. Everything in between," Poppin said.

The Honey Whip officially hits the road this week.

You can follow their journey through their Facebook, Instagram and YouTube @theHoneyWhip.

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