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City Council takes another step toward pay raise ask

(KTSM) - El Paso City Council took another toward maybe, just maybe, asking you for a pay raise.

On Tuesday, the city representatives officially appointed an ad hoc charter advisory committee to study the idea among others, and gather input from citizens.

Right now, city council members earn $29,000 per year and the mayor earns $45,000. Some city leaders have long held that in order to attract professional, younger, non-retired candidates, the City needs to pay its council a better wage. 

A raise would require a change to the city's charter and approval by El Paso voters. The council hopes to hear a recommendation from the committee by June and has until the end of July to place the item on the November ballot. 

Each city representative and the mayor were given one appointee to the committee. The nine members include Deborah Hamlyn, Tracy Yellen, Mark Benitez, Richard Teschner, former City Rep. Steve Ortega, James Montoya, Jim Graham, Kevin Quinn, and former Greater El Paso Chamber of Commerce President Richard Dayoub. 

"I was honored to be asked," Dayoub told KTSM. "If we can walk away from this in two months and say we've done our best to provide council with the direction they're looking for, we've done a public service."

The city council attempted to increase its pay by $10,000 in 2015. That fell apart and the city backed off amid a controversy over an unscheduled pay raise for City Manager Tommy Gonzalez.

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