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Bassett Middle students return to class


Students returned to class at Bassett Middle School just after 9 a.m. Wednesday morning. EPFD and school law enforcement were able to determine that there was no active gas leak and students were allowed to return to the building. 



Students at Bassett Middle School in the 4400 block of Elm St. in Central El Paso are being evacuated from campus as a precaution due to a possible gas leak on campus.

Crews from the El Paso Fire Department's Hazmat team were dispatched just before 8:30 a.m. Wednesday in response to a possible gas leak.

As a precaution, emergency personnel are working to fully evacuate the campus and check for the origin of the possible leak. Officials with EPISD say administration on campus are working with law enforcement to keep students safe during this evacuation.

It is unclear whether nearby Clendenin Elementary School is also affected, or if Bassett Middle is the only campus currently affected.

This is a developing story, KTSM will update as additional information becomes available. 

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