EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — With summer approaching, you’re probably wondering where to go and how much it will cost. Sun Travel agent experts say to book in advance with travel insurance.

“If you have a medical or dental problem, you’re covered. Lost luggage, tripping direction. If you have to be flown, let’s say from a ship back to the U.S., It is just very important,” Sun Travel agent expert Lenore Kobren said.

Depending on age and destination, the insurance rate can add up to travel expenses. Kobren says you’re looking at an additional $150 to $500 more.

“It’s just something that nobody wants to pay extra for, but they definitely should. In all instances.”

While almost all hotels are booked overseas in Hawaii, Italy, France and Greece, Kobren says you’re looking to spend $1,000 a night at a five-star hotel.

“People are just flocking to Europe because if you remember for approximately three years, no one was going there.”

As ticket and hotel prices are rising, Kobran encourages people to book early and add insurance to keep the trip as cheap as possible for you and the family.

“I would suggest for a family say a family of 5, 4 or 6 that you do a condo so that way you can prepare and lunch in your kitchen rather than taking your family to a restaurant for three meals a day,” said Kobren.

If you’re interested in having lunch or dinner at the Eiffel Tower, Broadway or London Winston tickets, Sun Travel can arrange that. For more information, click here.

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