EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – After the downpour this past weekend, drivers across El Paso have been seeing potholes across major roads, causing damage to their vehicles.

West El Paso’s Kongster Tire manager Mike Ramirez says that potholes can damage more than your tires, and drivers need to be aware of that while driving on the road. Ramirez explains that with poor road conditions, damage is almost inevitable.

“Every so often you find a pothole and you cannot avoid it if you cannot avoid the pothole and usually you hit it at 45-50 miles an hour it’s going to damage the tire or the wheel.”

Almost every day, a customer arrives to Kongster Tire with damage from a pothole. While Ramirez says that a tire can be repaired almost every time, there are cases where a tire has to be completely replaced, which can affect repair costs.

“We can do repairs for as low as $40 sometimes $80 we just did one on an Audi that cost 80 dollars but the wheel itself would cost $450.”

Some might suggest that different tires can change how a pothole impacts your car, however Ramirez says that is a myth.

“It doesn’t matter, the brand doesn’t matter you can have a $500 tire and a $19 used tire and if it’s going to hit the pothole there’s no way out of it.”

One tip that is crucial for the life of your tires is to check the air pressure every month. Checking the suspension and tire rotation is also key.

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