El Paso, Texas (KTSM) — After the Uvalde shooting took place on May 24, 2022, school districts across the Borderland have been implementing security measures. Although the Texas House Bill 13 passed legislation, it will be voted on once more to the Senate for a final approval.

Spokesperson for Canutillo Independent School District Gustavo Reveles says their teachers would continue to teach while certified police officers continue to keep their schools secure.

“None of it includes arming teachers or other employees that are not part of our safety and security personnel. Our trained police department, our trained safety and security department will be the ones tasks with carrying out the duties of keeping our campuses safe,” Reveles said.

As for other school districts in El Paso, KTSM reached out to Anthony Independent School District, and they share that they’re willing to follow new laws given to the state.

“Anthony ISD is staying up to date on the Texas Legislature’s decisions regarding various school safety and gun control bills. The district currently follows school safety laws in place and will continue complying with new laws that arise from this legislative session.” Communications and Safety Coordinator of AISD Ariana Candelaria said.

As of Monday, both Texas party representatives shared their concerns regarding protocols after the Uvalde shooting during the floor debate.

“We don’t want those guns in our classrooms. Teachers themselves do not want to be armed. We know that. In fact, in a lefty poll said 77% of union members are against being armed and confronting a shooter,” State Rep. Ana -Marie Ramos/ D-Richardson Democrat said.

As for Republican state representatives, they say having school employees certified to carry a weapon would benefit security.

“I can tell you talking to parents, grandparents, educators, even classroom teachers, from Uvalde, having somebody there as a security guard is a sense of safety” State Rep. Dustin Burrows/R-Lubbock Republican said.

According to the Texas Tribune, HB 13 will also set up grants up to $250,000,000 to upgrade security measures. Allocating an additional $15,000 each year as well as giving schools $100 for each student who attends class regularly.

Besides school employes certified to carry a weapon, at least one-armed security officer, the Texas House is including to invest on silent panic alert buttons in every classroom as well.

Reveles says as long as the state of Texas allows them to implement the funds that would benefit their schools.

“We will see how we can implement it. We welcome any funding from the state that allows us to implement our plans.” Reveles said.

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