SAN ANGELO, Texas — On November 3 a TikTok video went viral depicting a local entrepreneur struggling to get her business back up after her snow cone van made headlines in San Angelo for catching fire in a Sonic drive-thru in September 2022.

Today almost two months later the daughter of the van’s owner, Jessica Bruns, has reached out to the TikTok community to help get the “Snow Cone Lady” back on her feet. The video has more than 281,000 likes and is quickly growing.

In the video posted by Bruns, you can hear her mother say, “It won’t go out will it?” while fire engulfs the snow cone van and then shows the melted remains of the vehicle.

Her mother’s small business went up in flames that day and she has since been fighting with her insurance company to help cover the costs. Bruns says the insurance company only offered her mother a third of what she needed to replace what she lost.

“This was my mom’s dream, and she has loved every minute of running her own business,” The owner’s daughter said, “She loves seeing and serving the local kids every day, It is her passion.
Any kindness you can offer to try to repair her dream is greatly appreciated.”

If you would like to help them reach their goal of $20,000, the link to the GoFundMe can be found here.