EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – A local co-working space for people across the Borderland is now open at 114 Texas Avenue in Downtown El Paso. 

‘That One Building’ Co-Working Space will provide everything budding business owners need when starting a business or just need to complete your work at their own pace.

If you’re a content creator, a videographer, a photographer or you just need peace and quiet, this place will allow you to work long hours from your regular job.

With the Sun City booming with new businesses, ‘That One Building’ Co Working Space Manager Isaac Hernandez and his colleague Carlos Garcia want to make sure the co-working space feels like work away from home but still has that home-like feeling.

“We know like ourselves first hand what it takes to kind of grow a brand and what it takes to work long hours and grow a business and the things that you will need, the tools, I think for me personally content is something that a business really needs and you know being able to find a place and having the right equipment and all that. So we put that all into mind and we were like what can we create, for we are not the only one’s here in the city and it’s something different from what El Paso is kinda used to as far having this type of exclusive, kinda more innovative”  Hernandez said.

Inside the building you’ll find five offices and one suite, along with a multipurpose production studio for individuals. 

Hernandez says, if you are a tenant and have clients, you will also have access to a zoom room, a conference room, a studio, as well as a soundproof room for those who have a podcast.  

Carlos Garcia is an entrepreneur and a technology attorney at “That One Building” Co-Working space and he says they want to bring what the big cities have, if that is just starting your business or just want to work away from work. 

“We saw an opportunity with the space we have right here because of what we are doing at the law firm, because of the studio, and the creative energy that it brings with just photographers, cinematographers and artists and sometimes you just don’t get them in the same room as business owners and folks who are really trying to build a brand,  so we thought hey this would be really cool to meet organically,” Garcia said. 

Every 60 days a very known art gallery will be providing new art from different artists on their window display to help them sell their art. 

Garcia says they’re not trying to build a massive industry, they just want to be a launch pad for working people who have an idea they can go and accomplish that goal by using technology.    

If interested in renting a working space, an office lease will start at $750 for six months with amenities. As for studios, photographers will have an hourly rate of $75, and podcasters’ rate will be $100 including the production set up. 

Within these memberships they will also provide packages, tenants will have access to the common room to edit their work and bring clients in for their appointments. Plus provide tenants with a downtown parking pass. 

To sign up for a membership, their website will launch today, at Thatonebuilding.com, you can also follow them on Instagram at Thatonebldg. For more information click here.

If you wish to attend and check this place out, the grand opening will have live music performance and a ribbon cutting ceremony tonight starting at 6 p.m.

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