Sony developing wearable air conditioner controlled by app

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(CNN) — When it’s brutally hot, anywhere with AC is the place to be.

But what about those times when you can’t enjoy air conditioning’s cool breeze? Get your AC to go!

Take a look at Sony’s mini-AC. It is hidden in a built-in pocket on a specially designed t-shirt.

It’s called the ‘Reon Pocket,’ a smartphone-sized body cooling device you can actually wear. It’s being crowdfunded through Sony’s first flight acceleration program in Japan.

Sony says it’ll be able to lower your body temperature by 23 degrees.And apparently, it can also be used to warm you up when cold weather blows in.

So, how does it work?

Well, it uses what’s known as the Peltier Effect.Basically, electric currents are used to transfer heat between two objects, which ends up creating a temperature difference.

Right now, you’ll control it with an app on your smartphone.It runs on battery for 90 minutes on one charge, and it takes 2 hours to recharge.

Sony says the handy little device will start shipping next march, but just in Japan for now and just in men’s sizes.

They’ll cost about $117.

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