EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – As if the hit that the Pandemic had on small, local businesses wasn’t enough, one local coffee shop says wholesale inflation has taken it to another level.

Erika Knoch, of Global Coffee Roasters, noticed that the rising costs of not only the coffee itself, but other in demand items.

Knoch says it all started to come to light during the holidays, and has continued as a series of hits to her business.

According to Knoch, she’s now paying about 30-40% more with things like coffee syrups, cups, sleeves and other common items for a coffee shop have all increased. She says one of the biggest reasons expenses have risen is because of the process that it takes to receive her coffee beans from several countries saying gas prices played a part.

“It literally has to be shipped out they’re in ports, they have to be in ports and containers and they need to be shipped to California, sometimes to new jersey and then they get sent to warehouses and then the drivers have to get the coffee and send it to me.”

Since she is not a franchise that needs higher volume of goods, Knoch says it’s also harder for her to get a lower price on items unlike big name stores.

“Like they go through high volumes of stuff and they’re able to order things at a higher volume so at a lower price but we can’t do that we have to buy things at a certain amount of volume so we don’t get that better price on stuff.”

Because of that knoch has had to raise her prices slightly in order to finance expenses saying it applies to things that cost her a bit more overall.

“But we’ve had to change prices for example on drinks that require more syrup or if they’re more of a sweet latte those we had to increase our prices.”

Knoch says even with the hardships and taking a hit herself, her customers are appreciative of what her and her staff do and the quality of the drink they serve

“People really see it just by they way we make our coffee and they way we serve our customers they know they were always going way out of our way for them and I think that they see that and that’s what keeps them coming whether we raise our prices or not.”

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