TOKYO, Japan (KTSM) — COVID-19 precautions in Tokyo have emphasized the importance of numbers — more than one meter of space for social distancing and body temps below 37.5 degrees Celsius are necessary. Sightseeing may be prohibited but on our media-designated routes, you can’t deny the numbers that point to an Olympics worth watching.
Over 30 US Olympians are either current student-athletes at Stanford University. Among alums, 2016 bronze medal men’s volleyball team members Erik Shoji and his brother Kawika Shoji as well as gold-medal favorite and discus athlete Valerie Allman. The Cardinal will be well represented in Tokyo. 

The Tokyo games come in at the most expensive Olympics with the total cost of the Olympic and Paralympic Games of over $15 billion.

US swimmer Katie Ledecky could end up with 11 career Olympic medals by the end of the games with five gold and one silver. The three-time Olympian is slated for five events in Tokyo, three of which she has world records in.

Team USA equestrian member Phillip Dutton will compete in his seventh Olympics at 57 years of age. The two-time gold medalist is the oldest member on the roster and he competed in his first three Olympics with his native country Australia.

The number of mascots from both the Olympic and Paralympic Games is two. Miraitowa (pronounced mee-rah-e-toh-wa), symbolizing a future full of eternal hope and Someity, (pronounced soh-may-tee) emphasizing the English phrase “so mighty.”