SUNLAND PARK, New Mexico (KTSM) – After a mobile home burst into flames in Sunland Park Friday morning, the homeowner, Fernando Motta is asking our community help to recover with a GoFundMe page.

Sunland Park Fire Department received a call from Border Patrol about a fire that spread from a shed to the inside of a mobile home at 1:30 a.m. The residents were left without electricity, gas, water, personal items and a kitchen.

“The whole kitchen and everything, there’s a big hole in the wall, you know the fire department has to make sure there’s no other fire. So yeah, it’s gone, my stove is gone, they shut off all the utilities and so I don’t know how to get them back,” said Motta.

As they’ve picked up the pieces of the aftermath, SPFD Chief Daniel Medrano’s says no family was injured, other than one firefighter with minor injuries.

“He was making an interior attack in searching for any rescue victims, that were possible inside,” said Chief Medrano.

Adding that a space heater in the shed is what started it all.

“Apparently, there was a gentleman that was known to sleep in that little shed. A space heater too close to the combustible product is what appears what started the fire,” said Chief Medrano.

Motta tells KTSM, his friend who was staying in the shed had left before the fire started. When Motta went to pick him up, Motta’s girlfriend called him asking about smoke in the backyard.

“I’m always doing stuff out here and you know, and she thought ‘it’s him’, and she said she let 10 minutes to go by, and then she noticed that there was a lot of smoke. So, she’s like ‘hey what are you doing out here?’ and I’m like I’m not even home, I’m on my way home” and she’s like, there’s smoke outside!” said Motta.

Motta’s girlfriend and his stepson did make it out safe as the blaze began to spread.

“I was like a holy cow. By then we were at the lights, and I just came over here, and we tried to turn it off. Water wouldn’t come out of the water hose, it was crazy, it would turn it on, and nothing would come out. He was at the top with the water hose, and I was at the bottom with another water hose and trying to contain it. I’m just glad he didn’t slip and fall into the fire.”

The family not only lost their stove and kitchen ware, but they also lost tools, a television and other personal items.

SPFD Chief Medrano says every time anytime you see, or smell smoke call the fire department immediately.

“Don’t try to extinguish the fire yourself, a fire does grow, doubles in sizing every minute. So, you can imagine how quickly a home can go up very rapidly. Any occupants or anybody trying to save their personable belongings or trying to put a stop to the fire itself, call the fire department before you try to do anything else and please evacuate the building as quickly as possible,” said Medrano.

Luckily their two cats, a Guinea pig and their dog were saved. If you want to donate and help the Motta Family recover their mobile home in Sunland Park, New Mexico. Click here for their GoFundMe Page.

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