EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — Down by Fore was created one year ago by four men with a love of country music, and they are now making a name for themselves across the region.

Down by Fore is a country band based out of West Texas in El Paso. They like to promote, play and share their passion for true country-western Texas music.

The band told KTSM they put their own passion and twist on singing cover songs and that’s what sets them apart from every other band in the Borderland.

Front man, Joseph Guerra, said country music has always been in his roots and wanted to always have his own country band.

“I finally threw in the towel and said, ‘You know what? I want to start a band with my roots. I want to do it with the music that I love most,'” Guerra said.

These men started off in Horizon City at the Moonlight Bar and Grill.

And after celebrating their one-year anniversary, they are still doing what they love.

“We’re getting bigger events, bigger gigs. And with that, comes more opportunities and that opens more doors for us. And we can’t wait to see where the future takes us honestly,” Guerra said.

The band told KTSM their style ranges from hillbilly to rockabilly and even bluegrass, something they say might not be familiar to everyone.

“But to be the sore thumb, I would want to say we love to share that same passion of people who love and enjoy country music. And tell you the truth, it’s tough being a local band, but that is what inspires us every day to keep going and to try harder because everyone starts from the bottom. Everyone’s got to start from the bottom,” Guerra said.

Band members said they face many obstacles but at the end of the day they always push through together.

“If anything, it would be at any day or any time where I end up losing one of these guys. That would be my toughest battle because I rely on them and I know it’s like a vehicle. You know, the band is the car. You got all four tires here. If one of us is out, none of us move,” said Joshua Olivas, the lead guitarist.

Ruben Alvarado, bass player, said they aren’t just a group of guys who play music, they’re family.

“we don’t just jam or play, we hang out on the weekends. You know, we will call each other up and see what we’re doing going on.” Alvarado, said.

KTSM asked the band what advice they had for other local bands or those thinking of starting a band;

“…always remember that one day that made you want to do it. And the reason as to why don’t ever give up, don’t ever pull back.” Olivas, said.

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