SAN ELIZARIO, Texas (KTSM) – With cold fronts approaching the Borderland, farm animals at Licon Dairy’s petting zoo are ready to take on the cold that’s coming.

Licon Diary Petting Zoo has been around for almost 30 years and just a few years back, they revamped the petting zoo with new stables to block the wind from hitting the farm animals. However, that’s not all they’ve done.

Owner Angel Licon tells KTSM with over 50 animals in the petting zoo, they’ve let almost every animal outgrow their hair.

“The animals can usually withstand temperatures; they’re bred in that sense. The sheep, in the spring we have to shave them because it gets really, really warm. So, we have to prepare for the winter,” Licon goes on to explain, “If you notice, most of our animals have their winter coat on so they can tolerate the weather pretty well.”

As for cows and deer, they’ve also changed their diets by upping their intake on grains – to gain more body fat and burn more calories.

“We’ve given them a lot of alfalfa and Sudan grass. That is part of their diet, and we also have to change them as in the spring, it gets really, really busy. We have to change the diet because too much grain is bad for them,” Licon said.

He adds, although the farm animals bury themselves in piles of hay, customers feeding the farm animals is a plus, since it keeps them warm during the winter months.

“We just sell the bag of feed, and that’s optional. That does make sure that we can maintain the petting zoo animals and it goes back to the animals, so that one bag of feed comes with corn and alfalfa pellets and that just goes back to the animals, and the animals love it. So as soon as they see the kids with the bag of corn, all the animals rush to greet the kids,” Licon said.

As for reptiles such as tortoises, they like to huddle up and bury themselves underneath the dirt. They also stay toasty under heating lamps to keep their temperatures between 75 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you would like to stop by and feed the farm animals at Licon Dairy Petting Zoo during the winter or all year round, it is located at 11951 Glorietta Road in San Elizario. To learn more about Licon Dairy, click here.

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