Less pop up Christmas tree tents in the Borderland


EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – Picking out a fresh-cut Christmas tree is a holiday tradition for many people in the Borderland. However, this year there are less pop-up tents selling trees.

GT Christmas Trees in Las Cruces.

The only pop-up tent in Las Cruces is GT’s Christmas Trees and some El Pasoans are making the trip to Las Cruces for a tree.

“I was looking all over town and in El Paso and there was nobody out there,” said Robert Holguin a customer.

The owner of GT’s Christmas Trees says he believe there are less pop up tents because some people opt to buy their trees from chain stores where they can by their tree, lights and decorations at one place. Also that selling Christmas trees is a lot of work.

“Keep it in the shade, and keep it watered and keep it manicured and take care of it, it’s a lot of trouble,” said Gary Tindal -the Owner of GT’s Christmas Trees.

That maintenance has led some people to opt for an artificial tree. According to a poll on the KTSM Twitter page, more people prefer artificial trees.

However, GT Christmas Trees says real trees are still in high demand and they believe they are more environmentally friendly than artificial trees.

“A newer generation is basically willing to go to the trouble of purchasing a real tree, whereafter it’s done it can be ground up and used for mulch and go back into the earth without contaminating with plastics and everything else,” said Tindal.

GT Christmas Trees in Las Cruces

However, finding a real tree from a Borderland company can be hard to do. According to the City of El Paso, only three temporary placement permits were requested to sell Christmas trees in 2019, all of them from Lowe’s. The City says the pop-up tent businesses that got permits in 2018 didn’t apply this year.

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