EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — Leon the rock snake is the 4th across El Paso, and the idea came from an El Paso Rocks member in honor of her cat that passed away.

The rock snake was named after Leon, the cat who passed away two years ago.

Leon’s owner, Claudia Contreras, wanted to keep his memory alive and she had the idea of creating a rock snake in East El Paso.

“Leon is a rock snake that was built last week and right now has 116 rocks,” Contreras said.

Contreras approached other members of the El Paso Rocks group and together they helped bring the rock snake alive.

“The people that helped us build the snake rock from one day to the other are Eric, Joe, Emily, Denise, Angie and their families,” Contreras said.

The rock snake sits on the property of the Far East Animal Care Center.

“We’re honored to be chosen to create the snake monument. Not only does it bring positivity to the community, but it also brings awareness to any animal neglect or animal abuse as well,” Autumn Landin, assistant office manager at Far East Animal Care Center said.

Landin told KTSM the rock snake will stay there in the meantime.

“I hope to see the snake grow and bring happiness to people, and whenever it doesn’t fit here anymore, it will be nice for other snakes to pop out and keep spreading positivity and kindness,” Contreras said.

To join in on the fun and the trends of painting rocks and spreading them across the 915, you can follow the group on Facebook at El Paso Rocks.

To learn more about Far East Animal Care Center click here, they also have sister locations if you’re looking to get your pet checked.