SUNLAND PARK, New Mexico (KTSM) – Saturday marked six months since New Mexico legalized Cannabis and the city right next door to us is experiencing a remarkable boom.

Mayor Javier Perea shared that while many people were initially concerned about Cannabis being legal in New Mexico, many more touted the economic impact and now 6 months after that decision, everyone has a better view of the overall impact.  

Sunland Park officials say the city has not seen any incidents regarding the sale of Cannabis, other than running out of retail space and sparking a construction boom. 

In addition, the small community has seen  a positive change in sales with an income from $1.2 to $1.5 million. 

As there will be more shops opening up, increasing further revenues for the community.

“Which is good for us because that means we get about 50 thousand dollars more or less in additional revenue, that right now that we haven’t worked on or have not budgeted into our client budget because they were trying to figure out, how much to expect in revenues, and so in the future, this will provide additional revenues to provide for additional services within the community,” Perea said.

According to Mayor of Sunland Park Javier Perea, the sales and revenue from the legalized marijuana will be used to spur further economic development within the city of Sunland Park. 

With the additional revenue in Sunland Park, the mayor says they will work on public safety first and infrastructure across the city. 

President and CEO of Ultra Health Duke Rodriguez says Cannabis has even brought opportunities for entrepreneurs than before.

“We had the opportunity at one time being the first state in the country, our governor at that point at that time Gary Johnson proposed it, sadly we missed that opportunity. That mantle was handed off to Colorado but now we were number 14, number 15, so 15 states have both adult and medical use, 35 states have medical,every state has seen a plus,” Rodriuez said.    

Adding that it’s done very good with economic growth, instead of the economy falling apart.

As for any potential negative impacts, Mayor Perea says there has not been any concerns from law enforcement or the community regarding underage children consuming marijuana. 

Perea tells KTSM, with the economy getting better, they’re working on developing the entertainment district, hotels as well as restaurants for visitors to enjoy. 

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