EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — One of the first steps to an ongoing lawsuit has already been taken.

As we’ve reported, an El Paso judge signed an order which granted entry for an inspection to take place at the Cielo Vista Walmart on behalf of a couple injured in the shooting.

Two inspectors on behalf of the Ammons Law Firm from Houston, Texas were allowed to enter the Walmart premises for two hours where they inspected the entire property.

However, the firm isn’t allowed to disclose the findings yet.

“There’s a lot of things we need to look over and review but we did file a lawsuit. We are the first firm in Texas to file a lawsuit in the El Paso shooting,” Attorney Miriah Soliz with the Ammons Law Firm said, “Filings have to be done motions have to be argued and hearings will be held. We will continue on with the lawsuit.”

The firm filed the lawsuit against Walmart on behalf of shooting victims Jessica and Guillermo Garcia and alleged Walmart was “negligent and had no discernable security on their premises” the day of the mass shooting.

“That’s why this kind of tragic event was allowed to go on for so long. Our hearts are with the families and victims of the event,” Soliz shared.

A spokesperson from Walmart, Randy Hargrove, sent KTSM a statement which read, “Today’s inspection at our store went as planned based on how the court structured it. We have proceeded thoughtfully throughout and this includes preserving what information we have as required by law and working meticulously with federal and local authorities as they documented everything that took place.”

Ammons Law Firm represents the Garcia’s and several others in filing suit against Walmart.

This is also not the first time the firm has represented victims of a mass shooting. For example, it represents a number of families affected by the 2017 First Baptist Church shooting in Sutherland Springs, Texas.

“We’re working very hard because the victims of this lawsuit, not only are they going through a horrible time,” Soliz said, “Many of them have lost their family members, but these types of injuries that our clients have sustained may be life long and permanent but it has completely changed their lives in every way. That’s not the only reason we’re fighting Walmart but this type of tragic event can’t happen again in the future.”

The firm will be reviewing all findings. Soliz said Ammons Law Firm has yet to decide if they will request an additional inspection in the future, however it is possible.