LAS CRUCES, New Mexico (KTSM) — If you’re looking for a place to rent, look no further because Las Cruces has ranked number one in the fastest growing rent for one-bedroom apartment rentals.

According to Dwellsy’s May data report, this year Las Cruces has seen a rent rise of 51.4% since May 2022. The reason is that each city in the top five has a year-over-year growth of over 30 percent.

Dwellsy’s May data report

“Your kind of everyday rentals, smaller scale places that don’t have a lot of resources or amenities but can be great affordable apartment options and on the higher end of the market, you got premium communities that have lots of amenities and a lot of services,” Said Dwellsy CEO and Founder Jonas Bordo.

Telling KTSM they are seeing more people leaning towards larger communities and away from smaller apartments.

“The net result of that is that we are moving away from the 6, 7, 800-dollar places for this type of property, the one-bedroom apartment and towards something much more expensive,” said Bordo.

Costing Las Cruces residents up to $1,500 for more amenities and finer touches.

“I think that a lot of complexes offer different amenities such as like a gym or having a gated community, which makes it safer. I do think that, with that, it covers the rent,” said apartment dweller Hannah Jackosky.

However, Jackosky says when she was apartment hunting, she did see lower price apartments that were run down. As for higher maintenance apartments, landlords are asking for a higher price.

Eventually finding a two-bedroom, two-bathroom apartment near NMSU for $800 with a slight increase of $50.

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