EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — The Las Cruces Police Department is offering up to $35,000 in recruitment and retention services for commissioned law enforcement personnel who are in good standing with their current department and wish to laterally transfer.

LCPD is also now accepting lateral transfers commissioned with only one year of experience at current departments. Officers with at least two years of experience from departments outside of New Mexico are similarly eligible for the lucrative incentives.

The recruitment and retention incentives include:

  • $10,000 at hire
  • 10,000 at completion
  • 10,000 at completion of 1 year probation

An additional $5,000 relocation assistance incentive is also available for those who qualify.

Altogether, and in addition to salary, a lateral transfer to the Las Cruces Police Department is eligible for at least $30,000 in incentives after the first year.

Lieutenant Joshua Savage with LCPD says there is an advantage to having experienced officers over new cadets.

“They have experience already we don’t have to spend as much time in the academy or in the fto program the officers are somewhat proven and have law enforcement experience and so were able to get them out on the streets a little bit faster as opposed to our cadets.” said Savage.

There is also an advantage according to Lt. Savage with how long it takes to train.

“The regular academy is going to last anywhere between 20 and 26 weeks the lateral academy because they already are officers certified in the state of New Mexico is shortened and its more to bring them up to speed with the ways of the las cruces police department so its only 3 weeks long.” said Savage.

Prospective applicants can chat with a Las Cruces Police Department recruiter by texting “JoinLCPD” to 575-376-6817

For more information, or to apply, commissioned law enforcement officers can click on the “Lateral Entry” link under the Recruiting and Training banner at Las Cruces Police Department.