EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — A man and woman from Las Cruces were recently arrested and charged after their infant son was found playing in the middle of an intersection, according to court documents.

Court documents state Frank Webb and Faith Garcia were both recently charged with abuse of a child-reckless (results in death or great bodily harm) and abuse of a child (does not result in death or great bodily harm) that reportedly happened during Monday, Sept. 11 through Thursday, Sept. 14.

According to court documents, the child was found playing on the intersection of N Melendres St. and Parker Rd. when a bystander who was driving near the area noticed the infant.

Court documents say the woman told police she stopped her vehicle and picked up the child and also tried flagging other vehicles down in the area to see if the child belonged to them.

The woman was then advised to look on the 700 block of Parker Rd. which was located across the street. The woman also told police she changed the infant’s diaper as it was “soiled and he looked dirty and unbathed with wet shorts,” according to court documents.

The woman also told police she noticed “scabs or blisters” on the child’s feet. The woman called police and waited with the child until they arrived.

Court documents state Garcia arrived walking down the street stating the child belonged to her, and also stated that she left the child with his father inside of their residence on the 700 block of Parker while she dropped off her other children at school.

Garcia also told police that she believed she locked all of the doors within the residence and did not know how the child went outside.

Officers then made contact with Webb at the residence. Webb told police he noticed the child was not with him and assumed that Garcia had taken the child with her to drop off the other children at school, according to court documents.

Webb and Garcia were also questioned by police regarding the “scabs or blisters” found on the child’s feet.

Webb and Garcia both told police the child received burns to his left foot by “stepping in the ashes of a fire pit” and that Webb “provided first aid with a burn cream and wrapped it” and did not seek medical attention for the child, according to court documents.

The child was then taken to a local hospital where he received treatment and was then transferred to UMC due to the severity of the burns.

Court documents also state the residence of Webb and Garcia had trash on the floor in all six rooms of the residence.

Court documents also state one of the doors that leads to the backyard of the residence was “off the hinge” and another back door was “not closed and was easily opened with little pressure or effort.”