EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — A 59-year-old woman was recently arrested and charged with two counts of intentional child abuse after she allegedly abused an autistic child at a Las Cruces day care center back in February.

KTSM has obtained court documents that state Angie Flores, 59, a director of the Discovery Child Development Center in Las Cruces, allegedly grabbed the child by the hands, picked him up, then let him go causing the boy to fall.

Flores was also seen pulling the child by the hoodie and dragging the child. Court documents state Flores’ actions were recorded on video by an employee at the time of the incident.

Flores denied knowing about any child being dragged or pulled by anyone at the facility, and also said that she had not seen anyone touch a child when confronted by an officer, according to court documents.

Flores also told the officer that employees were not allowed to discipline the children or physically touch them.

The employee that initially filmed the video told the same officer that “the children had been getting hit at the daycare center, stating that Flores spanks the children on the hands,” according to court documents.

The employee also told the officer that Flores focused on the boy but has allegedly spanked other children “on their hands” as well.

The employee also said the child was allegedly dragged to Flores’ office and was never brought back into the classroom that day, according to court documents.

The employee also shared that they have seen Flores “body slam” the child onto a mat when it was nap time and held the child down by his hands until they turned red.

Court documents also state that Flores has referred to the boy as the “retarded kid.” The employee told the officer they have seen Flores slap the child on the hands and butt in the past, which is why they had their phone that particular time to “get proof”.

Flores is currently being held without bond.