EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) – It is all about the presentation says manager and cook James Martinez from La Tilma Mexican Grill restaurant.

The restaurant is located next to Sacred Heart Catholic Church where many borderland families are fed throughout the week. 

Martinez has been with La Tilma for 14 years along with Amelia who helps him prepare, cook and cater food to those in need. 

“During the week we actually feed the homeless, we go to the opportunity center, there’s a Willie Sanchez Men Center about a block and a half from the church, we also do a shelter for better women called Villa Maria, people out in the streets looking for a daily job, we also serve them as well.” – Martinez

Although Martinez did not go to culinary school, he loves cooking and creating a dish for every single person that walks in. 

Martinez says La Tilma feeds about 200 people after mass and they provide a variety of food from lentils, capirotada, enchiladas, chilaquiles, rice,  and beans with cheese. The restaurant also has vegetable dishes such as a red curry with coconut, ginger, and portobello mushrooms aside from drinks such as freshly brewed jamaica, horchata, and cucumber with lemon. 

Since pandemic food wasn’t being served every Sunday. However, on Easter, the restaurant decided to open its doors to the public and will remain open on Sundays from 8am to 2pm with a big menu. 

La Tilma caters food to people who are in the two block radius, Martinez also cooks for the nuns at Sacred Heart Church on Mondays. 

“So we make this really cool asian BBQ ribs, with rice and cilantro, and then we also make enchiladas with a bunch of cheese and with red chile, with the same rice as well.” Martinez said. 

According to Martinez, La Tilma has been around for 25 years and started out as a soup kitchen. However, when Martinez started working at the restaurant they decided to cater which led to their menu to expand.

Martinez says Pastor Garcia of Sacred Heart Church focuses on the ministry and on the people who don’t have much. The reason why the ministry runs the way it does is because of all the donations and volunteers that come together to provide for somebody else. 

Martinez says food brings people together, and is always looking for volunteers to help out in the kitchen. If you would like to volunteer at La Tilma head on over to their website here.

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