KRQE News 13 in Albuquerque, will be hosting a New Mexico gubernatorial debate Wednesday, September 19, 2018, and KTSM will stream it live on!

The debate will feature the two primary candidates running for the office of governor,  Michelle Lujan Lujan Grisham (D) and Steve Pearce (R).

Rules for the KRQE Debate:

KRQE’s format gives candidates the chance to delve deeper into topics and questions about the race. This helps steer away from canned responses.

  1. Candidates will not be allowed to bring notebooks, briefs, or other materials with them.
  2. Each place will be furnished with a blank notebook and pen for note-taking during the debate.
  3. There will be a coin flip to see who answers the first question.
  4. There are no opening statements
  5. The moderator will start the initial topic, candidates will then be able to interact with each other on ideas, stances, and agendas with the moderator monitoring the conversation.
  6. The moderator will watch and interject when things either slow down or need to be pressed for an answer. There is no time limit on answers but if someone is filibustering, the moderator will interject.
  7. Moderator will not go to a new topic until everyone is satisfied with the current topic
  8. Candidates will be able to ask each other questions
  9. The moderator can push for answers if candidates are not answering questions.
  10. There will be a coin toss for closing statements with the winning candidate having the option of going first or second.
  11. Each candidate will get 1:30 for a closing statement.

Join in on the conversation by using #NMGovDebate.