The company that owns Kmart is closing 72 more of its stores, including four in the Borderland. This comes just five months after Sears Holdings announced the closures of 150 stores nationwide. 
According to a list obtained by Business Insider, the Kmart on Montana and the one on North Zaragoza will close later this year.
The list also includes a Kmart closing in Las Cruces and Alamogordo.
This isn’t the first time this year that Sears Holding announces closures for what used to be one of the biggest names in retail.
Back in January, the company said it’d be closing the Kmart on Dyer and the one on McRrae. 
As NewsChannel 9 previously reported, Sears Holdings has a mountain of debt, and hasn’t turned an annual profit since 2011.
Business Insider reports the 72 locations set to close this fall are 16 Sears stores, 49 Kmart stores, and 7 auto centers.