More femicides solved in Juarez in 2020, more infrastructure in place to help victims


A demonstrator holds up a stencil of the Spanish message: “Mexico Femicide” in Mexico City, Friday, Feb. 14, 2020. The demonstration against gender violence comes after last week’s vicious murder of Ingrid Escamilla by her husband and controversy unleashed by the leaking of images of her body to the press, in a country where an average of 10 women are killed every day. (AP Photo/Ginnette Riquelme)

EL PASO, Texas (KTSM) — The Chihuahua state government reported 80 percent effectiveness in solving femicide cases in Juarez in 2020.

State Prosecutor Wendy Paola Chavez Villanueva reported that more cases are being solved at the state level as well, where La Fiscalía Especializada en Atención a Mujeres Víctimas del Delito por Razones de Género (FEM) counts up to 75 percent of femicide resolutions.

“This demonstrates the consolidation of investigations and, in the end, that we owe families justice and truth,” said Chavez Villanueva.

She explained that the government of Chihuahua is training specialized staff and providing necessary resources to improve research and care for victims. The state is also providing space for staff working with women.

FEM will be providing more than 80 victimology and other experts and expanding offices to areas other than Chihuahua Juarez, Parral, Cuauhtémoc and Delicias, according to the state’s release.

The new headquarters are set in Creel, municipality of Bocoyna, Guerrero and Saucillo.

The state also announced opening of new offices on the Juarez border.

“We couldn’t have even dreamed of this: a building built just for us, so that we could have dignified and specialized care for women and girls in Ciudad Juarez,” said Chavez Villanueva.

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