JUAREZ, Mex. (KTSM) — A complaint was made this week by five Cuban migrants, who allege they were kidnapped and extorted out of thousands of dollars by Mexican Federal Agents.

According to the complaint, the Cubans had just arrived in Juarez via bus when their taxi cab was pulled over by Federales who guided the taxi driver to a home. At that home, they were allegedly forced to make calls to relatives in the United States for payment of $3,000 USD each for their release.

The allegation is the second case involving a Mexican Federal Agent accused of kidnapping a migrant. The first case was reported on June 10, where a woman from Honduras was kidnapped and turned over to a criminal organization. The woman has since retained legal aid in the U.S. through Las Americas Immigrant Advocacy Center.

The latest accusation is being investigated by the National Human Rights Office in Mexico City.