JUAREZ, Mex. (KTSM) — A man was gunned down in front of dozens of onlookers inside a South Juarez bar Saturday night.

The shooting happened inside a bar called ‘Troyanas’ on Jilotepec Avenue late Saturday, according to KTSM’s Juarez reporter. The man was shot multiple times and was given first-aid but did not survive.

Juarez Municipal Police interviewed patrons and employees of the bar for several hours. Police say the suspects escaped in a pickup truck but were not arrested. The victim or suspects in the case have not been named.

This is the second bar-shooting in Juarez in the last two weeks. A woman was shot to death inside La Brecha Bar on August 28. Her murder marked the 129th murder in Juarez in the month of August.

Saturday’s shooting was the third high-profile murder in Juarez this month. Earlier this week two women were found strangled to death inside their private apartment complex, and just this weekend dismembered body parts believed to be two different people were discovered in separate locations in Juarez.