JUAREZ, Mex. (KTSM) — For the third weekend in a row, Juarez saw multiple murders in a single day. The weekend trends are part of a larger pattern of violence in our sister city, fueled by an increasingly violent turf war between two drug cartel factions.

The violence comes after September ended with 113 murders. The worst of the violence came on September 22, when ten men were slain in a single day.

The deadliest year in Juarez’s history was 2010 when the city had more than 3,500 murders. By 2011, the rates dropped to a little over 2,000 before significantly declining in later years.

While the total number of murders in 2019 has not been tabulated, there were 1,247 homicides in 2018. Current trends indicate more than 100 reported murders each month in our sister city in 2019, including 145 murders in April.

National Geographic Journalists Attacked

The most notable of Saturday’s murders came in a South Juarez home when a crew from National Geographic was interviewing a drug distributor when assassins charged into the home, killing the drug dealer and shooting one of the journalists in the leg.

The National Geographic crew’s equipment was seized by investigators for evidence, and they were immediately crossed back into El Paso for their protection.

Body Found inside a Trash Can

Just two days after a body was discovered in a trash can on Melchor Ocampo Street in Downtown Juarez, another body was found in the exact same location.

Juarez Municipal Police was located to the discovery of the body stuffed inside the trash can. They have yet to identify the victim, though the body found two days ago was identified as a man wearing women’s clothing.

Man Gunned Down on Juarez Street

Police was called to the Colonia near Casas Grandes where a man was shot several times in the head as he walked along a water canal. Witnesses say the victim was ambushed by several suspects as he walked. He is only identified as a man in his 30’s.

Victim Shot at Backyard Party

A man was killed and another was injured Saturday when multiple suspects arrived at a South Juarez home in Colonia Plutarco Elias Calles. According to reports, the victims were on the back patio of a home when they were ambushed.

The victims are between 20 to 25 years old.